ESL in North America?

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Does anyone know if there are any East Siberain Laika in North America? I have not heard of any...


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    In my Oct article in Full Cry I asked the same question if I have any responses I will let you know. The Sept article should be at the house any day now I will let all of you know how it came out.
  • Oh, great @dpetty. Yes, please let me know if you hear anything. I just got my Full Cry for Sept. What page is your article on?
  • I have not received mine yet. Please let me know it should say Hunting Laika. I have heard in the past they were not good about putting in Laika articles so I am watching this closely.

  • @dpetty - I searched it twice yesterday and couldn't find an article on Laika. :(
  • Hmm! I will have to make a call it seems.
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    I was looking for them too, and did not find any. Well, 20 years ago WSL was not found in US and Canada either. But thanks to people like Vladimir Beregovoy (my dog comes from his Shelma line) we can enjoy this wonderful breed from Alaska to Hawaii today.
    I just google ESL for sale (in Russian), and got tonnes of results. So if there are any enthusiasts whiling to start importing dogs from Russia to North America, looks like there is no shortage in working dogs on the other side of the ocean.

    You can always use google translator from russian to english. Not the best, but you will be able get the point. Also, for your convenience there are two buttons at the upper right of the page "руб." and "у.е." . If you check "руб." the price will appear in Russian rubles(I checked today $1=RUB 31.9552:))) , "у.е." will show the price in USD.
    The best russian working dogs (all kinds) comes from "pitomniks", large operation kennels run by professionals. These dogs are very expensive and sometimes it takes years to "stay in line" to get a puppy.
    Here is one example, pitomnik "Kryazh Yakutii" (The Ridge of Yakutia)

    here some videos of their dogs


    Happy hunting!

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  • I had issues with these two links too.
    I copied and pasted the links onto url and it worked fine.

    The website for the video works for me.
  • yep, just copy and paste
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