Photo Gallery: Nenets Herding Laikas from Yamal, Russia

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I came across this site a long time ago while researching the origin of Finnish Spitz prior to Hugo Roos and Fennicization (development of Finnish national identity) during a discourse with an amateur Finnish historian under the alias of "Bridget". She has some rather interesting theories about the origin of Finnish breeds; whether or not they are correct is up to debate.

Since we have someone with vested interest in Lapponian breeds, it would be fun to share a real neat archive. There are about 22-pages of photographs by ArcticPhoto:


  • Love the photos thanks for posting this.
  • thanks for sharing!
  • Oh cool! Thanks for sharing!
  • This is an older thread, so I don't know if anyone will pick it back up again. But these photos are very useful to me. I sled with my team of dogs. Not just recreationally but actual work hauling lumber and firewood. I have sometimes used them to check trap line sets also.

    What I find really useful in these pictures are those of sled building techniques of the Nenet. I can see their influence on the old sleds made here in Alaska several hundred years ago, but it has evolved since then, as have the dogs people use to pull them.

    The traditional Nenet sled pattern is really clever and simple to construct. I am going to try to make one as an experiment for future sledding. There will be some modification though, such as making it narrower for dog trails rather than wide for teams of reindeer. But other than that It will be very interesting to see how this adaptation will work with my sled dogs.

    Has anyone every gotten one of these reindeer herding dogs? I have seen a dog that was half Karelian and half Sammi reindeer herding dog. Such dogs may make good moose dogs, having that herding/baying instinct.
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