Russian TV show about the Yakutian Laikas

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I ran across this Russian TV show about the Yakutian Laikas. It shows many examples of the dogs and the work they do. I thought it was very cool!




  • LoL, if only I could understand Russian...Those dogs are gorgeous though and it's interesting to see the difference in materials used in the sledding equipment. Most of the sled stuff sold in the US is made from braided poly rope instead of that flat suspenders looking stuff in the video.
  • Yea, I noticed the difference in gear too. Was interesting. Really handsome dogs tho, huh? I like them a lot.

    I really like this dog...


    Sabine van Wel ( @nordic ) is a member of the forum and is working to preserve this aboriginal Laika.

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    I'm very attracted to the Shepherd and Spitz type breeds. Laika's are among the breeds I've considered, they are beautiful dogs!

    I'm still in the midst of watching the video. Interesting how they compare (and contrast?) them to the Siberian Husky...though I have no clue what they are saying (can only make assumptions), lol. Fascinating to watch none the less. Gorgeous dogs!
  • That is one handsome dog...I really like the coat markings and how some can have some slight dalmatian/merle-type spotting in the white areas. Gotta love those blue eyes too.
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    That's a very informative video! Thanks!
  • Oh wow. That is a beautiful dog. He looks so intense.
  • Brad, is there any other way to watch this, because it keeps on turning at my laptorp and nothing happens. And ofcourse I would love to see it, as we were in Yakutia and saw many dogs I'm very curious what type of dogs they show here.
  • @chris - I'll have to look around for it. The video will not play for me either. Maybe the site is having an issue?
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    It played for me, but only after I left it sitting for an hour. I also downloaded it with RealPlayer and can watch it that way.
    If it still doesn't work for you guys, I uploaded it into Dropbox and you can watch it on that site.

    To get it, go to
    Log in using the e-mail: and password: Laikavid
    Go to the Public folder, it's the only thing in there. You can watch it on the site or download it.

  • Nice! Thanks!
  • Try this public link:

    You just need to hit right-click and click on "Copy Public Link". No need to share account info. :)
  • Long film and not so much information with facts, but lot of hypothesis.
    The most interesting for me in this film was information that skeletons of domestic dogs founded on territory of Yakutia are 30.000 years old...
    But can believe to this information...? I don't know. They even malamuts was calling a husky... :) Better if they would talk only about breed they know - yakutian laika. And it is very interesting breed.
    Also there was information that on one island in Yakutia was found skeletons of sledge dogs and parts of sledge which are about 8000 years old.
    Very interesting fact was from one economical document from 1849, wrote by professor Gorlov. It was information about very difficult year in Yakutia (it was year 1821). Lot of dogs was died. In one family were 20 sledge dogs and all of them died, only two pupies left. So women of this family was feeding those pupies with her breast and pupies survived.
    This story tell how important was those dogs for aboriginal people.
    Also was interesting that in documents of 17 century rivers in North-East of Russian Imperium was "divided" to dog rivers and reindeer rivers. Dog rivers (Oleniok, Jana, Indigirka, Kolyma) were rivers where was lot of fishs (yakutian people was feeding their dogs with fishs) and reindeer rivers was rivers where was not so many fishs.
    So people who lived around dog rivers was using dogs to pool sledge and people lived around reindeer rivers - reindeers. So simple :)

    Sorry for my terrible english :)
  • The idea of sledding 8000 years ago is amazing to me. That would imply some high degree of craftiness to assemble sled parts for even the crudest sled, and proper tools to make them. Have you read about the mammoth dogs? Perhaps the mammoth dogs were sled dogs also.

    Perhaps I should start a thread about the mammoth dogs.
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