New young WSL male from Russia, and now we enjoy training him and seeing progress :)


  • Very nice! Congrats! :)
  • I am sure he will make a fine dog for you!
  • Good looking boy!
  • What a handsome dude!
  • Beautiful Laika. Have you hunted with him yet? If so, what game, and how did it go? Also, where are you located?
  • Yes, I have been hunting him a lot since he came.
    The search is still far from good, but if he find a track, he will go.
    Nothing shot for him yet.

    We are located in Norway.
  • Hmmm...a little update on this guy.
    Improving a lot!
    There is a hunting dog hiding under that innocent surface and I am really starting to see that now.
    Searching is much better and he find game. Still young, but taken to account that he had not been much in the woods before Irina and I got him, he's right on track.

    He's far from beeing any raging bear dog, but at 16 months he came out of the woods like a white torpedo in Russia when the dogs where there this summer while Irtysh was beeing trained.
    He had chewed himself loose and had part of his leash hanging from the collar :D
    The first introduction to the bear the day before was not like this, but the second day he was kinda fun to watch :)

    Small predators and forest birds are still his primary hunting objects though, but it's good to know where he is if we ever run into a bear while hunting.

  • Looking good!
  • Awesome!
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    I like it when they bay large game to be in the crouched position. It makes them have the ability to move out of the large animals way. I saw this a lot when I would hog hunt with dogs. The dogs that did not lower their level were the ones that typically got cut and did not move well.
  • Any dog should be ready to jump out of the way when having a dangerous animal in front of them.

    Lately Belyj has improved a lot in his abillity to find small game up in trees as well. He has barked birds and squirrels. I hope this winter will give him everything he need, so he can be ready for a bird trial next fall :)
    I think this year will be too soon. Can't rely on that he will find birds that will fly straight up in a tree. The dog need skills to follow and learn to use it's scenses to locate them again when they take off.
  • thats really cool! keep the updates coming :))
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    Sure, but soon it can be seen here as well.

    I'm making a website/blog that will be updated.
    The page will be in English as well when I get the time :)
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    Will you write a few articles to help novice hunters?

    We would appreciate it, even if it has to be plugged into Google Translate.
  • I promise... and you will get it in English :)
  • Super!

    That would lessen the steep learning curve.
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