Sled dogs from Chukotka

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My wife has visited Chukotka peninsula many times (I was there only once). She witnessed "Nadezhda" race and took a lot of pictures. They are all on "some" hard drive. Can't find them now, but will find it soon. But here are a few images taken by our friend, who lives in Chukotka. It was taken during the race at one of the rest points. Musher is feeding his dogs seal meat with some fat on it. Dogs gain a lot of calories from it.


  • Pretty cool, can't wait to see the rest of the pics.

    It's funny that there are so many with red coats, with a lot of mushers there's this belief that red coated dogs don't work as well as the other colors.
  • Very cool! I was recently researching these dogs, so good timing on your post! :)
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    Nadezhda race just started in Chukotka.
    Here it's FB page link
  • These dogs look a lot like old Canadian Eskimo dogs and Greenland dogs.

    I work dogs in the harness so these are interesting pic for me. I wonder if it is possible to get dogs like these imported to Alaska?
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