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My puppy has become 7 months old and she has just finished basic obedience training. So next step will be mountain trips (educational hunting trips). Excuse my horrible english since it is not my native language. I would like to ask for any advices/tips since it will be my first time going hunting with a dog. For example should I get some specific gear like gps for dogs? What kind of problems did you face when you started hunting with a laika. What I fear the most, is the scenario of letting her loose and instead of hunting together I will spend the day running after my dog.
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  • Excuse my horrible english since it is not my native language.
    Sorry for going off topic, but it I always get a kick out of how non-native speakers apologize for their English when it's written a million times better than a good deal of native English speakers. George, you're written English is very good and had you not stated that sentence I would have thought English was your native language.
  • You live in Greece?

    What do you plan on hunting? There's a few people on Facebook group who hunt with their dogs in Bulgaria. Not sure about the the neighbouring countries though.
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    If you do not want to spend all day chasing your dog I know it costs a lot of money but the tritronics track and train collar. It has a GPS that tells where your dog is and an eletric stimulation if the dog fails to come when called. I think that will reduce your anxiety about losing your dog. I added a link to garmin to read about the collar but I can say it is one of the best hunting dog devices on the market. If you talk to Garmin I am sure they can set you up with a map for your Country.

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    I would start with short walks in woods with plenty of game you want to chase. Dog will start to chase and eventually start treeing. A few barks at first then more barking. I praise for barking. I start waiting a little longer each time I walk into the tree. Making the dog stay treed longer and longer. I don't want my dog to leave the animal until we kill it. I would never shoot animal until dog is barking. You want the dog to know it has to bark at animal. Sometimes people will live trap squirrel or coon to show the dog and to get the dog excited and worked up over the animal. I would apply most of the obedience rules already established between you and your dog and transition it to hunting. Fur in the mouth is the best reward. I always try to end the hunt of a young dog on a good note. A good solid tree. Even if it's a mile walk back to the truck.i think it builds confidence in the pup. I almost always clean animals in front of the dogs too. It's more of the partnership between me and the dogs and they're involved in the whole process.

    If the obedience training is done you're already ahead of the game. Laika know how to hunt. You just have to keep enforcing obedience while hunting and what animals not to hunt. They'll figure out what you want them to hunt.

    Tracking collars are very nice and useful. Sometimes people watch their gps trackers like a TV. I try to listen and watch the dogs instead of the gps. Gps trackers are very useful though and combine 2 gadgets into 1. And the gps track and shock is 3 gadgets in 1. I always tell people a shock collar can do just as much damage if not used correctly.

    Good luck with your journey and keep it fun.

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    Tracking color will save you a lot frustration. And just keep dog in woods it all you need for hunting training for laika
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