Squirrel season

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Squirrel season is right around the corner. I got my laika Big Boom fired up and
Ready to go. My male Finnish Spitz is also ready but my gyp is in heat. Thats ok there will plenty of time for her later.
I've been hunting my dogs at night around water.....they're ready.


  • I took Friday off. I will run the dogs all day and run coon at night.'put some miles on this summer. The pups are still young but it won't take long.
  • Yep really looking forward to it don't normally hunt the early part of the season until it starts to cool. But this year come August 23rd I'll be hitting it hard hopefully Kida will have a good season and get to going good.
  • Our season starts September 15. I'm ready. I want to hit it hard early in case it's bitter cold again this winter. Only 2 days this summer it's been 90 or higher. Good training weather!
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    There is a short open season on Western gray squirrel in Oregon, in November, but no closed season on Eastern grey and fox squirrels. As long as I don't shoot a Western, red, or pine squirrel, I can hunt squirrel all year long.
  • How can you tell the difference between the eastern and western gray squirrel? They look a lot alike...
  • Westerns are bigger, are grey on top with very white bellies. Easterns are smaller and sometimes have tannish bellies and frequently have red in their coats. I will not shoot a grey squirrel with a white belly unless it's during Western season, so I have to get a really good look at what's in the tree before I pull the trigger. A normal sized squirrel with red in it's coat or a tannish belly is fair game to me. The pine squirrels are so small, it's very easy to tell them apart.
    I accidentally ran over a Western grey a few months ago, it was a HUGE squirrel.
  • I bought an Indiana small game license and plan to hunt at Pigeon River Game area so I can get a month earlier start on squirrel season. Michigan's season starts Sept. 15th. It's only and hour and half drive from here to Pigeon River, so I figure I can get the pups started on some real hunting. Good luck to all.
  • Season opens here Saturday morning and wouldn't you know it the weather man is calling for98 degree weather

  • You must live close to me. That's what their saying here for tomorrow too. Figures been a mild summer until season opens.
  • What is the texture of Squirrel meat like?
    How does it taste?
    How much meat do you actually get from an average sized Squirrel?
    Do you also feed it to the dogs?

    I have a friend who has an overpopulation of squirrels on his property.
    They keep attacking his pigeons. I told him that he should train one of his dogs to hunt these evil squirrels. They've already killed a few prize pigeons. =\
  • Like everything taste like chicken lol. It has its own taste but is chicken like in taste is a tougher if its a older squirrel or you don't cook it right. It is one of my favorite eating critters and for that reason dogs don't get to eat any squirrel. On grey squirrels I usually figure at least one per person unless your like me then you need 3 or 4.

    Oh and do forget to save that head its the best eating on the animal bust that head open. Don't get much better than squirrel brains.
  • Season doesn't start for me till November, but I'm not much for squirrel hunting. I'm most excited for bobcat, but that season doesn't start till December.
  • LoL, I still find it funny (and cool) reading this discussion on eating squirrel. Even though there is a squirrel season by me it is not very popular as hunters would rather focus on deer, plus the general mindset is that squirrel are cute vermin that are too germy to eat.
  • Squirrel meat is tough. Fried it in butter after flour dipped. In a crock pot until it's real tender then debone it. Back in the pot with some bbq. Kinda like pulled pork. A gourmet chef told me squirrel is a red sauce meat. So I've tried the crock pot and debone and put it in lasagna and spaghetti and was pretty good.

    Fox squirrel seam to be tougher meat. Black and Grey squirrel are better eating.
  • Lately I have been boiling until tender (you can pressure cook) until tender then fry them. My wife likes most wild game but does not like squirrel. Even she said the par boil method makes them tastier to eat. I have crock potted squirrels and deboned them for years; it is a great way to make them. The deboned meat can be used in white chicken chili recipe as well. Last year I canned the squirrel after deboning it and added to whatever chicken recipe that called for deboned chicken.
  • My Belgian Malinois is really good with treeing squirrels. She nearly caught one the other day! We are not allowed to kill the squirrels where we were treeing them but I might look into a place nearby when we have "Squirrel Season" and it is legal to take them out. Most of the available hunting I have seen seems to be on "private property".

    Anyways, thank you! I'm looking for other kind of food to eat (mostly for the dogs but eventually I might be brave enough to eat Squirrel) that is not store packaged meat. Great exercise for the dogs (My Shikoku tree squirrels as well) and hopefully results in a healthier and less expensive meal.

    I only plan on hunting for food.

    @BradA1878 - What will you do with a Bobcat? Eat the meat or just for pelt? If you "accidently" shoot a Mama Cat with kittens...please send me the Bobcat kittens alive! Wait...I will drive over to pick them up, lol.
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