Flint - My new pup

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Say hello to my new WSL pup! I picked him up from the airport last night. He is settling in already, and so far is a pretty spiffy pup. I have decided to name him Flint.
I got him from Vladimir @ufimych, he is out of Pavlik and Dinah. I am very excited to begin hunting with him.


  • Congrats! Good looking pup. What is his blood lines?
  • Very nice looking pup. I bet he will make you a great dog. Congrats.
  • Great looking pup
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    I thiink Pavlik is Vladimir's new male which was gifted from Roger Lephew and Don Cranford of Saline River Kennel; and Dinah is Vladimir's freshly-imported female.

    Pavlik came from Grizz, who came from Nayda's first litter.

    Pavlik already sired a few litters including one from Lookin' Up Laika (Mansi).

    If I remember correctly, Vladimir likes his male's treeing instinct; but the female prefers to hunt bears more than squirrels-- so her treeing instinct is weaker. So, if the litter has strong treeing instinct, it would be from the father's side.
  • Very nice puppy, Pam.

    Hope he turns out better than your venture into Kai and Hakkaido.
  • congrats!!!
  • @dirtdodge I do not have his papers yet but when I get them I will let you know.

    @Dave Yeah me too. I'm done with Japanese dogs.
  • Looks great
  • Great looking pup!
  • He was the biggest male in the litter and the most outgoing from day one, when he opened his eyes. A great eater, too. I still have his brother not sold, the smallest one. Yesterday he showed an unusual talent for this young age. It is very hot and humid here, in Virginia. The pup managed to crawl over the edge of a large (about 100 gallons) plastic bin filled with water and plunged inside. It was very deep for him and he took a swimming without hesitation, then he crawled over the edge back on the lawn, run a little and repeated the trick to refresh himself. When I saw this, I called him and his mother Dinah to our small pond near the barn. Dina walked in water and the pup was swimming around her and even proceeded about 100 feed across the pond. I was surprised, never saw a puppy of this age being so confident swimmer. Dinah (his mother) is out of Moscow Laikas. Moscow hunters have a long standing habit to use their WSL as duck retrievers. Some of them successfully compete with bird dog breeds at this. May be this pup will turn out a good duck retriever.
  • Hello Vladimir! Flint is doing great, he has showed a lot of good drive and instinct so far. He is very interested in the forest and scents, and he is very agile for such a young puppy. He can easily get onto the couch and jumps up the front steps without a problem.
    I will have to see what he thinks of water, see if he is like his brother. Being able to use him as a duck dog would be great!
  • His brother surprised me, indeed. Being so confident in water at this early age is interesting. As I wrote, Moscow hunters use their Laikas as duck retrievers. Bigger size is an advantage at this, especially if the dog should swim through thick vegetation.
  • Here's a couple pictures I took the other day.



    Last night Flint attempted to assist my Shiba in killing a rabbit. Unfortunately it was one of my meat rabbits who had escaped, but I was able to get her before the dogs did any real damage. It was exciting to see him working hard to get the rabbit, but, I'm not exactly happy it was one of my rabbits he got to practice on.
    Guess I get to put a hotwire fence around the rabbits now.
  • Gotta get him started on grouse. @harvestalaska got a pup the same age as Flint and already started shooting birds a few days ago.
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    @Dave I plan on it soon, but I have to wait for my Mom to leave town first (Wednesday).
    She's got my truck.
  • My own Laikas are ignoring our free ranging chickens and do not kill the goats. Some try to play with goats, which I do not allow. It is not a good idea for a dairy goat to be "exercised" by a dog, even if the dog is not about to kill it. We do not keep rabbits now. In the past, when I had a few, I learned that it was virtually impossible to teach Laika ignoring rabbits. So tempting they are.
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    You may not want to hotwire the rabbit-hutch. Simply because you don't know what the dog might actually be pursuing when it hits the fence.

    Scottie Westfall ruined a hunting beagle that way. The electric fence was intended to protect livestock, but the dog saw wild game, went under the wire, its tail touched the wire and got zapped. The beagle didn't hunt anything after that. The beagle got turned into a squirrel-dog though.
  • I hate any electric devices used for dog training. I used a couple of times only shock collar to stop attacking chickens. I bought the smallest one and set it at a lowest intensity. It worked well on one of my hounds prone to play with chickens, only one time. I never needed it again.
  • I don't like them for training either. Very easy to mess a dog up with one.

    I want the hotwire to keep coyotes and coon out though, but, I'm probably moving in December so I most likely won't bother setting it up.
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    Soooooo jealous I'm out here in Honolulu, super hard to get a dog past customs(I have been told) or I would take the little WSL for hunting/work dog. I love hunting raccoon/squirrels,wounded deer on the mainland, and ducks/birds when time allows....out here he would be started on wild hog and wild chickens ....dare to dream..plus we would be together 24/7..*sigh*....almost worth leaving early;)...That's a great lookin pup you got. Can't wait to finish my job out here and head home ( plan on buying one as soon as I get settle at home, will have funky hours back home that will allow for ALOT of hunting)
  • Pavlik is still very young. This was his first litter. I like him very much, except one his feature: he is indiscriminately friendly to everyone. Comes up, wagging tail and enjoying being petted. He is also unusual, because he have never got sick, riding in a car, from day one.
  • Exactly. These two are his parents.
  • Correct use of e-collar is an excellent tool. Most people use it wrong and use it as a punishment not a training tool. I train dogs on a leash first and look for lowest setting that the dog looks at me or shows he feels something. Even my pups it is how I start leash training. A fellow dog trainer has a great YouTube site called that's my dog.
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    The other day Flint treed his first turkey! She came by my place every day with her brood, so we would go out in the afternoon and stalk her. Usually I was the one to jump her and make her fly into a tree. Flint finally got it and startled her into a tree and gave a few hearty barks. I was not able to legally shoot her, but he responds incredibly well to praise, so I gave him a bunch.
    Unfortunately, the same turkey and two of her brood were shot by my boss yesterday (I work on a farm, we are neighbors, turkeys were eating the produce) so we will not be able to practice on that particular turkey anymore.

    Also, that rabbit who escapes, escaped for the last time yesterday. My Shiba was pretty brutal to her, Flint helped out a bit. There was no saving the rabbit (the Shiba crunched her back) so I dispatched her and let the dogs have the messed up parts of her meat. Flint is hooked on rabbits now.
  • I have a brother to your male puppy I saw yours when I picked mine up. Mine likes water attacks garden hose when I water and lays in water on the ground after watering trees.. the paws of your male considerably larger than the rest in the litter. Enjoy!!
  • @menk Yeah he's got big feet for a pup. My vet thinks he'll be around 60-65lbs.
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    Flint at 16 weeks (Taken somewhere in Southeastern Oregon). We are on a road trip to Michigan. We are currently in Salt Lake City Utah, and will be making a stop in Colorado and a few in Wyoming before we bomb over to the midwest.
  • Good looking pup. Have a safe trip. I'm jealous I really want to see the places your going.
  • Flint is growing up nicely. I'm sure he'll love the Michigan winter.
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