Kilbe and I after bike hunting

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Ivan has a sore foot from all the road hunting at night. Kilbe has mastered hunting in front of a bike. We killed two and had five or six trees. I will post the pics later. She has really made an outstanding hunting dog. That is pretty amazing considering that Brad got her she was a year old and had not been hunted. After one season at two she figured out the game and just does a great job!


  • Picture of Kilbe and I after trail hunting with her in front of me while I road a bike.
  • Pretty cool, nice to see that Kilbe is getting the hag of doing what the breed was meant for.

    With Ivan and road hunting, have you thought of using booties or a zinc supplement? Not sure if WSL have the same zinc absorption issues as the Siberian Husky, but many of the sled dog kennels will supplement zinc (even with dogs who aren't having absorption issues) to help further toughen the foot pads.
  • Thanks for the tip I will get some I have thought about the dog boots. It typically happens on the regular paved roads because he runs so darn fast. I will get the Zinc supplement this week to try it out.
  • Friend of mine from Yukon was saying something about soaking feet in tannins, like strong tea, to toughen feet. May be something to it?
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    Hydropel is a long-distance hiker's favouite for repealing moisture and aiding recovery. No longer in production, but it had 30% dimethicone, zinc oxide and some petrolatum jelly. It had 10% hydrophobic starch called Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate to reduce the greasiness of the jelly. Making your own is difficult since the ingredients don't blend well. There is probably an industry secret to getting them to bond.

    Zinc oxide and dimethicone are the ingredients you want. Destin paste has the highest concentration of zinc at 40%, but no dimethicone. Most salves only have 5% dimethicone though.

    Gurney Goo is the next best alternative to Hydropel followed by Lanacane (the ant-chafting stuff not anti-itch.) Climbers' salves doesn't do a good job of preventing, but they heal better than the other stuff. None of these are even these not as good as Hydropel. So, lots of hikers out there have been concocting their own by mixing zinc oxide with beeswax.

    Put the salve on several hours before the run though so it forms a good seal. Preferably the night before. Then put it on after the workout for good measure.

    Either that or feed him bear-meat. ;)
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    Leukotape does a good job of healing foot injuries. it has zinc oxide, but the adhesive will rip hair and skin if it doesn't peel off on its own.
  • Great job! <3 Kilbe
  • My Molly is similar to your Kilbe. First year not hunted hardly at and spent most her first year sitting in a kennel. I picked her up around year of age and soon I started taking her too woods.. She is doing well has all the looking up treeing instincts just need to fine tune her as she learns from field experience. I have a few acres and soon after I got her she was treeing squirrels on the property and killed a couple young fox killing my chickens.
  • If you continue to take her to the woods and shoot the preferred game you want she will continue to improve. These dogs continue to amaze me.
  • When I purchased her she was supposed to be bred to a good hunting wsl. Since she was registered I thought I would keep a select puppy from her my pick puppy to work properly. To my suprise Molly started treeing squirrels on my property like the next day after she arrived. She ended up not pregnant but she is doing so well I am going to hunt with her this season. I see her like a rescue dog because she spent most her first year of life in a kennel. She was not abused or in bad health she just wasn't taken out hunting. When she killed the young fox killing my ckickens that was awesome.
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