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Does anyone know how hunters harvest beavers with laikas? I have seen after-photos of such hunts in groups designated for Finnish Spitz and Norrbottenspitz in Finnish. However, I have only seen Al Melcalf do it in Laika groups.

The only method I know is hulking down, waiting them out and sniping them with a a .223 Rem while swimming, then sending in a Labrador to retrieve.

Pavel seems pretty interested in the dams we found. He wouldn't leave them alone, and kept going back 1km just for them according to my GPS when I couldn't figure out why he wasn't keeping 15 minutes intervals with me. He keeps coming back to this area the last several times, sometimes going several kilometers out of his way just to get here.

I know he tried to catch muskrats before they dove underwater.

Just curious since it's legal to hunt beavers here. It's not something I can find in the old fur-trapping books about hunting with dogs.


  • Sitting and waiting or packing an axe in with you to chop the beaver out of dam. It would look like the videos of laikas waking up a hibernating bear but with beaver. Only ways I can think of. We can only trap beaver in MI.

    A few years ago we had a bobcat that would hole up in beaver dam every time he was hunted. He was finally chopped out with axe.
  • that would be interesting to do, would the dog basically be a retriever? Would lakias retrieve? or would they find this boring? how are they in swimming? I'm just interested in anything you can hunt with a dog, i live right on the Iowa border where we have the longest dog hunting of any state...:) plus beaver brings in good $$ on the pelts and i have always wanted a beaver felt cowboy hat....and I hear the meat is actually good for dogs, high in fat ect. , beaver tail is decent to eat also. Along with farmers paying to have them removed ....any one else have any thoughts?
  • I have always heard that in places were they have bank den's they have a air hole along the water line and the dog goes along until they find the den and set to show it
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