Hunting with outher dogs question

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I have a question regarding hunting 14 month old laika pup with another dog. I have a German Short Hair, and as the bird dogs go, he stays very close while hunting, no more than 30-50 yards, max. I wonder if the pup will pick up a habit of staying too close to me when he hunts on his own. For now, he just runs around adult dog while hunting, does not stray too far


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    I have one sticky dog (Swedish Vallhund) who doesn't like to go too far-- maybe maximum 50 meters. He's older, and so far his habits never made an impact on the younger Laika. The Laika likes to go somewhere between 100m to 1km.

    He also grew up with a Golden Retriever for two weeks before I got him. Can't say if the reason why he swims is because of the Retriever, or if it's in his genetic makeup. And he spent about 3 months of his life in a pack of 5 Valhunds in Finland, and 3 months additional in a pack of 2 female Vallhunds.

    But again, the Laika has always been more independent than the other dogs since 11 weeks old. So, my anecdote may mean nothing.
  • Oh, my laika is 14 weeks old, not 14 months old.
  • From my own experience my laikas hunt away from each other. My female will honor and tree with my male but my male will not tree with her unless he sees the squirrel move. Often I have found that when I have tried to hunt with other breeds my laikas spent more time trying to get away from the other dogs than hunting.
  • In early 90th, I had both Laikas and a pair of Airedale Terriers. I got those Terriers before I could import my first Laikas from Russia. Sometimes I took all the dogs in my walking trips in woods. Of course, Laikas were treeing. My Airedale male caught up the idea and began treeing his own squirrels! He did it pretty well, monkeying the Laika. However, he never did it, when he was with me alone. By the way, that Airedale was great at flashing quails, acting like a Spaniel.
  • One important thing you must remember, is that when your Laika puppy find something of interest and leave you, stop and let him do so. Don't keep on walking, then he will come back.
    This must be done every time it wander off. Gradually it's confidence will grow and will take it further and further away.

    It doesn't matter what other dog you have there, the Laikas will to hunt will drive him away from you to search for game.
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