Search? Topics to answer questions

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Is there a way to search topics? I was gonna look on how to continue training in the off seasons and I know it has been discussed before....I Am sure I am going To get one when I get back state side it will be spring time, I hope to start training asap, coons will be the primary focuse with blood trailing next.....then squirrls rabbits as a back up/practice in diversity. He will also be my companion and with me most of time. Still doing research and figuring it all out so I can have a good plan on how to train and socialize. So far this is he best resource I have found for real information. Just would like to search other post to avoid asking the same thing thats already been answered.


  • also is there any noticeable difference between males and females? any tendencies or traits? just curious and couldn't find the topic discussed....
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