Offer from Russia

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I got an offer from very respectful laika expert and a good friend from Russia that was looking for a pup for me, but did not work out yet to send his 10 yo mated female. Female proven as hunter and producing good hunting laikas with high standard exterior. He will send dog free and we will arrange price if we get pups only. I can't do this as i am limited on number dogs i can have and take care for this female after is a problem for me also there are always risk we will not see any pups from her. If any one interested to share risks please contact me


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    I might be interested alpom. It would be nice to have some new bloodlines around here. I'm not made of $ but this sounds like a good deal. I have room for 1 dog now.
  • I could help out too. I have a farm in Michigan, so room for dogs.
  • Thank you all!
    Looks like it may happen.
  • I would be very interested, if I knew the old dog was treeing. Unfortunately, I cannot afford any extra dog now.
  • I would be interested in a pup
  • I would be interested in one female pup.
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