Having dog artificially insemenated

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I am not worried about FCI rules but would be very interested if anyone knows if you can have male dog semen sent to the US and used on a female in the US. I can register UKC no problem but would be very interested in adding different blood to our dogs in the US. When it comes down to it you can get more bang for your buck because shipping dogs in from other countries has became a real pain. Thoughts please.


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    I would contact nevergone. He seems to be 1 of the best, priced good and he's in your area. I would say yes it can be done. I think finding someone to collect and ship it correctly would be the hardest thing. I thought the same thing about shipping some over here but I lack the contents across the pond...

    My dad just took a cur dog to get straws drawn and artificially breed a female with another very old male dog while he was there. The guy at nevergone does a lot of this. He stores the straws on site and you can use them whenever. Checks female ovulation and sperm counts also.
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