Adult WSLs in Estonia for sale

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Margus Kask in Estonia is selling some excellent dogs. Great opportunity to get some new blood in the US.

From the Laika Facebook group: "I'm selling my WSL male 5 years old Kasemetsa Karu ESTVCH 2xII and 4xIII FT Wild Boar and his daughter 1 year old female Rajaleidja Ida.
Reason for selling: in our hunting area is forbidden hunting with dogs because the African swine fever. More information +37253030407 or"


  • I just sent him an email. I am also talking to Vladimir about another line as well.
  • They are good dogs, and Margus is a good guy.
    I hope you get lucky dpetty :)

    It's really sad that they have a ban on the use of dogs because of the African svine fever. It is expected to knock out 70-75% of the wild boar population. In some places even more.
    The guy we bought Aza from in Belarus, have the same situation, only they can still hunt with dogs. He has now started to hunt small game like marten, birds and squirrels instead. Can't stop hunting, and a Laika can be used for anything :)
  • Do those Laikas in Estonia go after small game or after wild pigs only?
  • Gone they did both.
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    Last time I did correspondence with him, he said his breeding program also includes dogs who are good on martens; which is the most highly-prized game (other than sable) anyway...
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