The trifecta

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I was drawn for a wild quail and pheasant hunt. I tuned up Ivan and got him ready to work birds. He did a great job flushing both. All the pheasants were hens he flushed and he did a great job finding the quail. Ivan will retrieve the birds but has a nasty habit of eating the quail head off on the way back to you with the bird. The shooters had a tough time but my best friend from high school's son killed one. We then went for a short squirrel hunt and I finished up with a coon hunt with my dad. Ivan completed the trifecta of bird, squirrel, and coon. Also, I can say the Benjamin Marauder will kill coon with a well placed head shot. One it took me a few shots to get a solid head shot but the second fell out dead on the first shot.

Seth and Ivan with his quail:

photo IMG_0353_zpsbc66cf22.jpg

Seth, Ivan, and I with his two squirrels. He shot one with my Benjamin Marauder:

photo IMG_0348_zps609d3de8.jpg

Ivan and I with the two coon and the squirrels tails from the day before. I decided to skin and stretch all coon this year.
photo IMG_0352_zps7c42a289.jpg


  • How was Ivan on range for flushing birds? My dog Daisy ranges out to 2-3 hundred yards after squirrel, so not sure she would stay close enough to flush birds in range. I need to travel about two hours north to try for grouse, so have not tried that yet.
  • For flushing I kept him in range with tone on remote collar. After that he figured out about how far to range to flush. With grouse after they learn they are something to hunt you can let her flush and chase to tree if you like. The tone button or light remote collar technique is a good way to get them to hunt the range you want. You can use other game birds to start her chuckers are ok but have a tendency to be slow and the dog can catch them on the ground. The positive is that they are dumb and they go to tree easy.
  • thats what I call versitile!
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