Been out the last couple nights

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The last two nights Have had each dog out. Ivan with his two and Kilbe treed one last night. It was tough last night but she is on the books. She has been in heat so I hunt them different days Ivan tends not to want to hunt when she is in the dog box. All shot with the pellet rifle. I love that gun!
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  • We are snowed in solid here in Michigan. Raccoon hunting might be over. If we get a warm up, there is still a good bit of corn standing, so I'll hunt the fields as I think the ring tails will head strait for the easy high energy food!
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    Sold some fur to an old fur buyer. The old man said it is going to be a bad winter. He said, "Last time I saw coon with this much fat this early we had the blizzards of 78 and 79."
    I got ten dollars for the large, five for the medium, and a buck for the little coon. I skinned them out but had not fleshed them I have too many deer to skin and butcher this week.

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    If you look to the left of the big doe you can see the stack of coon. Most of them laying there were already skinned.
  • We have a warm up, but I'm sick now. Still have chores to do on the farm, but no energy to hunt at night after chores. Can't get a break this season. Congrats on the deer.
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