IN squirrel limit and couple coon.

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Sunday I got after the squirrels and the dogs treed a bunch I shot these five with the Marauder. Can't sing enough praises about that gun. Went coon hunting last night and killed a couple coon. Kilbe and Ivan each treed a coon as well as a couple grinners. The one coon was a real nice boar.
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  • I can't wait to get A puppy and get into the woods with em.....if I wasn't working in Hawaii I would be hunting now! I love coon hunting, nothing better for father son time.
  • Luckyline,

    You have enough wild boar on the island to keep a good Laika busy. They also have a large selection of game birds. Also, very intriguing is the wild cattle hunts because they are invasive. It would not take much to get a laika to bay a wild cow. That is if you have enough time to hunt and a place to keep a laika.

  • out here i sadly am working 6-10 hour days some times 12 every week and the wife keeps me close to home otherwise :( but ill be done working here in about a month or so then its back home to an easier job making enough on 40 hrs a week and i can hunt until my hearts content.....odd hours 3-11pm so hunt early squirrels and deer then late for coons and opossumes
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