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Well she finally tree this morning . 5:55AM Broke collar. I was in bed and realize she wasn't barking on chain.It was tree barking! Jump out of bed threw clothes on and grab a light, still dark. She met me and went back to tree put both feet on tree treeing then went 15 to 20 feet watching and treeing.It was one of the local cats. Well should I've shot it out to her? lol She has had very limited time woods.


  • That's great! 1st tree. If you shoot it out to them they will continue to hunt it. Praise is almost as good as fur in the mouth. They'll tree anything that's up there, it's what they do. They're great meat dogs. Most will tree watching the animal in the tree and try to get it to move by circling the tree like that. Looks like the fun is about to start. Good luck
  • Was the cat owned? If not, I'd have shot it. I've got no tolerance for ferals. I don't mind if my dogs tree cats, I encourage it actually. Scares 'em good and keeps them away from my property, if the dogs don't get 'em first.
  • she should start hunting better now
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