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When she trees should I tie her like you do a young hound to teach staying at the tree and game coming out of the tree when you get there and dispatch it?


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    Personally, I just shot the animal out of the tree the first time; then to lengthen the bark, I would lengthen the time between treeing and the actual shot.

    The only time tying a dog to a tree makes sense is if you don't want them to fight with the downed game.
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    I agree let her figure it out. But with more than 1 dog yes tie the dog that didn't tree it up and make them watch. Most laika don't stand on the tree when treeing. They're off it looking up. If she starts getting to far away or wanting to leave then tie her. Getting the shot game afterwards can be difficult at times with pups. A good recall is needed before hunting or it will just get worse.
  • I know I probably say this too much but early training with an e-collar helps if you don't want to tie a dog up. If the dog starts to leave the tree you can e-collar or tone them back to the tree. I do not like to tie dogs up squirrel hunting especially because squirrels timber to other trees or bail out. It helps to keep from loosing wounded squirrels because laika catch them so they do not escape and die in a log or hole. Coon hunting I don't only because I just use the e-collar. It can cause some bad habits like seeing another squirrel leaving the current tree to go tree the other squirrel. These are just my thoughts.
  • how do you tone them back to the tree? isn't tone for recall?
  • Tone can be anything from recall to what ever you train them for it. I just hit tone and say to the dog "get back on your tree."
  • Oh, that's simple...i'v only seen it use for recall but that makes sense
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