Saturday hunt

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I took my grandson Squirell hunting yesterday. Had a great time. We got our limit of 10. Weather was great and Nikita treed like a machine.


  • Looks like a great time with your grandson. Looking forward to taking mine out in the future.
  • Super good job guys. Looks like that boy had a great time. I can't tell if Nikita is a male or female. If a male what is he out of? Like the red coat.
  • Nice! Sounds like a great day.
  • Male from 2006 litter of Penick Juri and Dovishka.
  • Sure wished he was an import
  • I believe that Juri and Dovishka were both imports. I am afraid that he will be impossible to replace when he is gone. He is a great Laika.
  • Please check if they are both imports and is he papered. I have an imported female and would be interested in the cross in the future.
  • If you guys get in touch and do a breeding i would be interested in a female pup..... i live in Illinois but willing to travel....just saying :)
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    I talked to dogs owner today and he confirmed both parents were imported. My dog does not have papers. I bought male and female from the same litter for hunting so I did not care about papers. I had female spayed since I did not want to breed any of them. I got parents registration numbers and litter number from owner. I was told that I can get papers for him but newer pursued it. He is a large dog 25 inches at shoulders. He is an excellent squirel hunter.
  • good looking guy! dose he hunt more than squirrels? when did he start treeing? hows he on recall?
  • Where are u located?
  • Upstate South Carolina. 10 miles from Greenville.
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