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What brand orange dog vest do yall use and where is the best place to get one. Thanks


  • Great question... I was talking to my dad about this over the weekend. Most of the vest I've used were not worth the money or poor quality. The bird dog vest are not tight enough, had branches get hung up in them. Actually had a dog hung up to fallen tree. I've seen pictures on here of dogs with vest on that look pretty good but all have been from users not in the U.S.
  • on another site a guy said he liked the one from Gun Dog Supply, you may look there i like it better than any i have seen. I got one fom Cabelas and it lasted 1o minutes. lol
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    Mine is imported from Sweden upon recommendation from Eirik ( @westsiberianlaika ). Very good for dense woods. Worth every penny.

    I don't know the name of the product except sometimes stores sell it as "hund vast" or "hund vest". No apparent brand name.

    The ones for bird-dogs get shredded really quickly.
  • A Facebook associate really likes this one:
  • I bought a nice vest from Cabela's. It is a Ruffwear Track Jacket item no. IK-661363. No velcro to come loose. There is a harness that crosses the chest and secures on either side. The S/M is the size that works for my Laika. It also has three tabs to secure lights, one on each side, and one on top between shoulders, so it works very well at night too. There are special lights that can be ordered as acessories, but they are expensive, so I cliped less expensive type that clips to a dog collar. Worked fine. The fabric is heavy duty nylon so it does not fray.
    Good luck.
  • If you go back in the discussions to page 2 there is a thread on dog vest
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    My dad picked up the Cabela's ripstop dog vest last night. It's made by Cabela's. Looks like a good made orange vest. I'll let you know what it's like after I test it out
  • I haven't found any I've liked yet, so I'm just going to make one.
  • This one Dave?
    It's a good vest, but I cut off the pocket for the GPS.
    Never use it anyway.
    Only have one left since one of the dogs got stuck in some bushes and broke out of it.
    A good thing he got loose, but it's destroyed :)

    Just make sure the vest doesn't cover too much of the dog. I had one from Cabelas, but the dogs where cooking under it. It simply got too warm.
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    Yes, that is the one. Not sure who makes them.. It's the only one I have which is still in perfect condition after two years.

    The rest got destroyed in a week.

    I was considering a Finnish brand which comes with a camera; but then one of your hunting friends noted it has metal buckles and advised against it. He said to look for plastic buckles so the dog can free himself by breaking the snap if it gets stuck. He recommended Bearskin. Haven't ordered because I am not sure how to attach a GoPro.
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    The dogs must be able to free themselves.
    I have the same vest with camera holder as well.
    It's just called an "Astro vest" here, because the pocket on top is for the Garmin Astro collar. One collar fell out for me, and after that I stoped using it.
  • I use an old collar and orange duct tape. I use 2 pieces about 2 ft long. 2 in from each side of the o-ring fold them over itself so I have a foot of orange tape flopping on each side of the dog. Can see far away.Best part is the tape was under $4
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    Thanks good idea.
  • Mine are from a local company. A custom fleece one for the Plott Hound, and this one for my more heavily coated mutt:

    It's 100 Mile Cloth, very durable. And the double velcro on the stomach holds firm in brush but could be ripped free if needed. Hardest part is sizing - the front chest piece is a single strip of cloth, so there's no adjusting it. When it gets mucky I just throw it in the wash.

    I've also seen people recommend this one from Hurtta. Not sure how rip stop it is, but it's nice and snug and not too bulky:
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