Treeing and a few other questions

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I have a few things Im confused about.
My dog is now 18 months old usually trees well. However, he started treeing "nothing". I mean he acts like he treed something, barking on his tree-voice, wagging his tail like crazy, scratching the tree, etc. But theres nothing on the tree, or the tree next to it. Then after a while he starts digging heavily there. Maybe theres something at the root of the tree? Does your dog do things like this?
In the last 3 weeks he already did this 2-3 times.

Two other questions:
Also, on a side note: When its not a hunting season, how much time do you spend with your dog? He is an outside dog and Im trying to have some quality time with him even when we arent hunting, but he is just impossible to play with. He hates his toys, he only enjoys chasing me and wrestling...

Also his recall is good now, except when theres another dog around. He is sprinting to the other dog like a bullet. Any ideas how can I eliminate this?

Thanks in advance.


  • Sometimes a squirrel has gone into a hole, so you are unable to find it. Also, a squirrel can hide remarkably well. I carry a small set of binoculars to search each branch and Y in the tree. I have had better luck approaching the tree slowly and staying back a little when hunting alone, so the squirrel is focused on the dog and I have a chance to see it move around the tree as it avoids the dog's line of sight. Once I had to walk away from a tree, and then hide behind a bigger tree and wait about five to ten minutes until I saw the squirrel move. It wasn't a very big tree either. Also, gray squirrels run quite frenquently so if your dog has not learned to follow, the squirrel was there, but moved. This is my oldest dog's third season, and she has just learned to follow the squirrels reliably. She followed one about 100 yds. a couple of days ago.

    At night while raccoon hunting my dog has treed flying squirrels a few times. These only come out at night.
    Best of luck.
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    I've had young dogs that messed around with mice before. Boy are they hard to find! If the dog is doing something you don't like just walk them away and say no or bad dog and ignore it. Dogs do weird things at times...

    The best thing I've found is the e collar. Used correctly it's perfect.
  • 1. Binocular or kick the tree. I usually do the first one.

    2. Kicksled. Mountain-biking. Mine is not too keen on playing either. He just rather run or wrestle.
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