Jan. 2, 2015 Hunt

edited January 2015 in Hunting Laika
We had a great hunt. Our goal was bobcat, but Daisy couldn't stop treeing squirrels and raccoon! We started out tracking a cat in the snow and let Daisy go. We hoped we would jump the cat or get into some hot scent, but at the first "tree" Daisy had 6 fox squirrels treed, and we got four of the six. One made it to a hole, and the other bailed out into a corn field. As we were heading back to the bobcat track, she treed a black squirrel that decided to top out across the woods for about 100 yards. Daisy followed and my buddy got the squirrel with a pistol shot!

We moved to another spot, didn't find cat tracks, but Daisy treed two raccoon in a windfall and we got both. At the next location, we found two sets of cat tracks, started following the best set, and Daisy started treeing squirrels again. This time I praised her, and pulled her off three different trees. She also winded another coon high in a broken windfall and my brother got that one.

We all had a great time getting "critters", even though it was a bust on bobcat.


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