Christmas break hunts

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We killed lots of squirrels with Duke this season so far. Our best hunt lasted 4 hours and killed 37 squirrels. Another 4 hour hunt produced 31. We averaged almost 20 per hunt on our 2-2.5 hour hunts. We killed 216 while my son was home from college.


  • Now that is some serious squirrel hunting there. Keep up the good work! Nice pic as well.
  • Way to go! Good lookin dog! What state ? What is he out of ?
  • We are in central Arkansas. He is out of Wayne Davis' dogs Cruiser and Clara Belle. We mostly walk hunt but he is good at road hunting too.
  • We hunted a lot this past week and a half. I have a new puppy (Lucy ) that is 8 months old that is really doing good. Took her and Duke and killed 29 yesterday afternoon in less than 3 hours. We got 219 while my son was off work.
  • Dang, that's a lot of squirrels for one hunt! Where I live there's a daily limit of 5.
  • Congrats Michael sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.
  • Our limit is 12 per person per day. it is always good to get kids out and let them see the dogs work. We did have a lot of fun and I was happy to have some puppies turn out to be good dogs.
  • Our squirrel season is coming to an end in Arkansas tomorrow. Probably won't get to go again. We ended up killing 568 squirrels this season from the week of Christmas till now. Duke is still as good as ever and Lucy is just as good or better than he is. She is still not a year old. We didn't get to go coon hunting much this year, but she did well when we took them out.
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