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How many of you have a firm control over your dogs off leash without the use of a shock collar? Does anyone have an obedient WSL that can go off leash around the yard or in the woods? I had to get my male a shock collar to keep him from running off my property. In the woods as well. I'm sure this is the norm but still curious if anyone has a different situation with their dog. I know the native hunters didn't have Garmin alphas to keep their dogs in line.


  • I spent a lot of time with Flint as a pup following him around and having him follow me around, just exploring and playing. I also had another very reliable dog who he got quite attached to as a pup who kindof showed him the ropes. When I'd call Conker, Flint would come too. He is always rewarded for coming, even if he did something I was angry about. I'd play "hide and seek" in the woods, instead of standing on the trail when I called him I'd dodge off behind a tree or into a bush, so it was always fun to come back to me.
    I do use a Garmin Alpha on him when we're out in the woods, but the shock is only a back-up, like if there's a road he'd headed towards, or livestock in the area. I did not use it to train his recall.
    He will wander out of the yard if he finds a squirrel though, there's no stopping that. I'll only put him in the yard for a few minutes or tied up if I don't want him going for a walk.
  • I broke them with an e-collar and after that I don't need need one to handle them.
  • My male would take off anytime opportunity presents itself. Loose board in the backyard fence or me being too slow to close the gate. He will circle our subdivision an is back in 10-15 minutes. If I jump in my old explorer I take him hunting and drive through neighborhood he will be racing after me so I just let him in and drive home. This is one dangerous fault of Laika dogs. Or should I say Laika owners that do not break them into obedience. There were few times my heart sunk from fear when he got out of my car by accident in area with traffic. I have a shock collar and Garmin Alpha but I was afraid to use it that I might ruin his hunting drive. He is 10 now and he will still do it if he can.
  • I always spend a lot of time working on recall when they come in I will give them a treat they really like and praise them real good e-collars work also
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