Hog dogs

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I've hunted these laikas since the 90's on small game, squirrels,coons. They would make great Hog dogs, but while him hunting hogs I worry if I tried to train a pup that has been bred up for small game in the states it will be treeing squirrels while I'm trying to bay hogs. I know they would make a good hog dog and would love sale all of my curs that I use on hogs if I could have 2 fine baying laikas. Their instinct to tree and we have so many squirrels, training to hog Hunt would be a night mare haha! Has anyone tried to make them a straight hog dog?


  • I tried my laika on bobcats and so far always tree a squirrel. They are 95% of the time squirrel hunted so I don't fault the dog. I would imagine that if u didn't hunt them on squirrel and only hogs you'd be alright. Some dogs might take to hogs and won't have a problem

    I have a pup 4 month old. Her 1st winter is going to be her 1st cat season. I'm not going to push her on squirrel as hard until we figure out some more of this cat thing.
  • You can get them to switch if you ignore the game you don't want to hunt or get some from Big Game lines from Europe that bay and do not tree.
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