Little bummer incident happened today...

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Well, my Father recently adopted a new dog. A male Catahoula Leopard mix. He's 9 weeks old and neutered. He brought him over to visit with him today. They were running around the property having a good ole time. Everything was going alright, and then my Laika attacked him for drinking out of his water dish. The pup is on his way to the vet to get stitched up. I just feel bad because the better half of me knew i shouldn't let them meet because my dog wouldn't have it one way or another. I thought that because the pup was so young that my dog would treat him differently but i guess i was wrong. Anyone else have similar outcomes? Just wondering. I'm wondering if the pup would had been female, If my Male Laika would have reacted as harshly in the same situation.


  • It is hard to predict. I have 10 year old male and his neutered sister. In March I bought two female 8 weeks old Laika puppies from Russia. I was not sure how old dogs would treat puppies. Male was suspiciously curious about them so I never let him too close to them. But one time when puppies were played together that looked like fight male jumped in and grabbed one of them by rear leg. I intervened immediately but puppy limped for week. From that point I did not let dogs out when puppies were out. In about month later I realized that it is impossible arrangement for long run. I let them interact while watching them. By that time old dogs treated them like they should. They played with them and gradually puppies became brazen little brats bothering them to the point old dog just try to get away from them. The only red line is food. Few time puppies tried to steal food from old dog they were harshly punished by both male and female. Now old gogs are harassed by them to the point they do not want to be around them. I would guess that your dog just needs to get used to this puppy and puppy needs to learn what older dog would allow him to do. That is the way dogs establish pecking order in order to coexist.
  • My dogs frequently get possessive over food, water, or toys. If a bowl has had food in it recently, I have to wash it really good before putting water in it or a fight will break out. I can't leave food dishes down either or they'll scuffle over those. If I leave a ton of toys out they'll be fine but not if there's only one or two.
    Flint is somewhat reactive with strange dogs, moreso towards males but he's been a jerk to a few females too. Age or size doesn't matter, if he doesn't like that dog, or it gets too close to something he thinks is his, he's gonna get mad. If I take the time to introduce him properly and let him get used to the new dog he is more tolerant of them.
  • My male Laika would fight any male dog. I just have to live with it.
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