Quick question about litter timing

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Couple quick things I was wondering about.

1. Do most laikas breed/birth around the same time each year?...like early winter or spring? I have heard several times they usually breed only once a year, buy don't think I've seen any writing about a definite season.

2. If there is a "specific annual" time, then do any breeders on this forum plan out and "pre sell" pups beforehand?

Pre Thanks for any input or clarification!



  • Laikas do typically have one estrus per year but don't have a set breeding season like wolves do. However, most litters I've seen posted for sale are in the winter and spring, but I do see some in summer and fall. Most guys sell pups when they're on the ground, some will make an announcement beforehand and reserve a few pups before they are born.
  • Thanks Losech!
  • Mine came in heat in March of this year, and then again in mid-December. She had puppies in June.
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