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I am new to the site. I have had my Laika for about three years. I have really enjoyed reading the posts and trying to get caught up. I hunt my laika on squirrels but she trees coons we come across and bays the occasional possum. Last year she got on some hogs and actually killed her first small pig on her own. She is five years old and just recently had her first litter of pups. Like other posts I have seen I will be trying to upload pictures of the pups and will be asking five hundred for each. I have two males and two females. My dog has Boogie Stupid as her grandfather. I will post contact information as soon as I get more info posted on the pups. Any tips on getting pics posted would be appreciated.


  • Phone # and location please.
  • You can upload pictures to a site like photobucket and paste the direct link, or put the link inbetween the "" in this code: <img src="" />
    Or you can click on "Attach a file" underneath the comment box and upload your image into that.
  • Okay here are the two female pups I have. I am in central arkansas. My phone # is 501-412-8736. I can also be reached by email at jimprice59@icloud.com
    Working on the boys now. Thanks for the response on getting the pictures done
  • Here are the two males I have.
  • Finally able to get out with Josey on her first hunt since the puppies were born. It was tough with the squirrels but we did pretty good with the pigs. Landowner was very happy
  • Nice! I'd love to hog hunt with mine, but there's almost none up where I live.
  • Losech we would be glad to ship you about a million but your game and fish folks would be very unhappy. They are truly a very intrusive and destructive species.
  • Just like Michael said our season is over here in Arkansas wanted to give an update on this post. Been in the woods as much as possible. We ended up with just over 400 squirrels for the season and we killed 13 hogs. The dame of my pups was responsible for 12 of those. I still have three male pups and I need to sell two of them. I am adding a picture of one of the males that has not been posted yet he will be in a picture by himself and is gray with a white head. I am also posting a picture of one of the grandmothers with one of my female pups. The last week of the season the pup treed several times on her own and we killed two of the squirrels she treed.
  • I will post some updated pics of the other two male pups I have in a couple days. These pups were born 11/6/16.
  • All of my pups have now been sold.
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