Companionship....amongst other attributes.

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So...I'm pretty much sold on the Laikas hunting abilites. I've hunted with a few breeds and considered many others but I keep coming back to the overall and specific attributes of the laika. Though it may still be a year before I formally acquire one, let's just say I am searching every corner to make sure that a laika will thrive in my little family's life and conversely my family thrive with its fellowship.

A couple things keep questionin in the back of my mind though.....with proper excerise and engagement, will it be able to simply rest and be wit me in my household?

If I want to go hunting with a group of men (both if they have dogs or if I'm the solo dog provider) will it be able to grow accustomed to my friends and fellow hunting buddies?

I've got 2 kids, boy and girl. Will my laika respond, obey and have affection for solely me....or will it have enough affection to spread through the family?

I know these may not be normal questions posted, but you guys are my sole resource to truly hash out my desire for one of these brilliant creatures while also taking time to consider the pros and cons.

Thanks for any input



  • Flint is mainly an outside dog, but he does fine inside the house when he's had a romp in the woods. He is curious and will get into things, but he was not raised in the house so a lot of this stuff is still new to him. He will get energetic if he hasn't been played with in a while and strongly prefers to spend his time outside, but he will chill out if I give him a bone or tell him to stay in one room. He sleeps inside at night and likes to sleep on the bed, but he isn't very cuddly.

    I have taken Flint hunting with a few other people and he does fine, he ignores them most of the time unless they are talking directly to him. When he's in the woods he is there to find game, not be social. He will hunt co-cooperatively with my Shiba and a friend's dogs.

    My Laika loves kids. He is incredibly attached to me, but also likes my younger brother and does what he is asked by him. He is pretty social when not hunting, and likes to be pet by people when out and about and is always happy to meet children. He is very territorial to strange people and dogs at home though, unless introduced properly.
  • Pam is right about the Laika just make sure you hunt the dog or it will be destructive. I have one that stays in the house she also goes to school with me where I teach. She is a superb hunting dog; she has to be around her people and throws a fit in a kennel. Obviously, she likes kids because she goes to school but I have had others that hated the house. I have an eight week old pup for sale that would be the right time to potty train and is out of good hunting stock. if you are interested just message me I have too many dogs right now but I like his personality a lot and should make a dandy dog. Just message me I like in Indiana. I only want $350 for him right now but once I start training him the price will go up.
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