Ember the WSL

In the time since the forum went down, I got a new West Siberian Laika. Her name is Ember, she was bred by Darren Petty in Indiana. She's a year and seven months old now. Her first squirrel season was a little slow, the squirrel numbers were really low, but she did well and is a maniac on raccoon. She is also very birdy and will happily flush, tree, or catch birds. She gets along great with my male WSL Flint, the two are a good hunting pair, they back each other on the tree and do not quarrel over game.
She's a very drivey dog, is super into her environment, and has an amazing work ethic. During the off season we hike, pack, and pull in order to stay in shape. Ember loves doing all these active outdoorsey things. This past June I took her to UKC Premier in Kalamazoo Michigan and she earned her first lure coursing title, and took and passed the SPOT test.
I'm very happy with this pup so far, I think she's going to turn out to be a great dog.

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