WSL for Rocky Mountain Small Game?

edited November 2019 in West Siberian Laïka

I'm becoming more and more interested in WSLs for small game hunting in the Colorado Rockies, i.e., pine squirrels, Abert's squirrels, cottontail rabbits, and snowshoe hares. Has anyone hunted WSLs in Colorado for what we call the Big 4?


  • WSL do really well on treed game. A lot of people who own them here hunt squirrels and raccoon with them. Rabbits, they will absolutely chase and kill (and eat) those, but it might be difficult to hunt them with a WSL like you would a lurcher or Beagle. If yours didn't have a natural retrieve you'd have to train one and hope they just bring you any rabbits they catch instead of having a mid-hunt snack.

  • When I lived in Fairplay I ran my Laika on cougar, and occasionally squirrel. He did great!

  • Brad, thanks and good to hear. One of the reasons I'm looking at a WSL, other than just liking really good dogs, is that the mountain country I hunt is so big that I really feel a good small game dog will help.

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