Laika + skunk = delicious meal

I know I know y’all gonna say I’m crazy. But I say if you haven’t tried it - how do you know? I say, you just might be missing out. Big time.

My Laikas got their first skunk. Poor thing didn’t have a chance. I hear they can climb trees. This one didn’t. Yes, the woods stunk, my dogs stunk, my backpack stunk, too. I put the little fella into a ziplock and took him with me. I don’t like wasting game.

I also like to age the meat. Deer, possums, raccoon - I gut them but don’t skin them and hang for anywhere from 24 hrs to two weeks. Depends on how hungry (or busy) I am at the time.

This time I wasn’t sure what to do, so I left the ziplock bag with the skunk in it in my shed and went to bed. Woke up and it’s 20F. The thing froze solid. Next few days stayed below freezing. Finally the temps went up a bit, and I dared to open the shed. No smell. So I ventured to open the bag. Guess what? No smell either. I skinned him. The meat looked OK - the dogs did rough it up some. But for the most part it wasn’t too bad. Just to put it in perspective, I’d rather have that than roadkill (which I have had and it wasn’t pretty - entire body was a huge bruise, tasted OK nonetheless).

I sprinkle some salt and stick it in the smoker. Go hunting for a few hours. Come back to the best meal ever! The skunk meat has zero bad smell to it. It’s tender enough. Has some fat that took on a smokey flavor quite nicely. Not too much fat either (like on opossum).

At first I thought about not allowing my dogs hunt skunk. Now I’m all for it. Yum!!


  • I haven't tried skunk yet. Flint usually obliterates them, they are one of the few critters he will go out of his way to completely destroy.

    I've had a few other trash critters though, got a couple opossums and raccoons in the freezer I need to cook up. Fox is pretty good, I've wanted to try coyote for a while but haven't had the opportunity to shoot one yet.
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