Finding new homes for two Laika pups... raised in Alaska.

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I have two West Siberian Laika pups that are ready for new homes. Both parents proven hunters. I was hoping to find Alaskan homes for them, to promote the breed in Alaska(like the Siberian origin of the breed). But I thought I would open up the opportunity to the lower 48 states.

You can contact me at or call 1-907-322-8820 cell(feel free to leave a voicemail message if I don't get the call, leave name and number).

I am asking $700 for each pup, but $100 of each pup sale goes to charity.


  • I forgot to mention that you can see some pics of the pups, and parents here...
  • What do you guys hunt in AK with Laika?
  • Most of my hunting has been in the spring and summer months when I am free to take them out hunting. The only things that can be legally hunted at that time are squirrels, bears. I haven't treed a bear with them yet, but they did find a den that was either wolf or bear, for there were many moose bones scattered near the entrance.

    Mostly they tree squirrels, so much so that they wear me out in pursuit of them. My male points grouse in the trees like the classic Finnish Spitz is supposed to, and will come get me if he finds one. He only barks once if he finds one in a tree, so as to not spook it.

    But what I am really wanting to do is use them to track moose and tree pine martin, and other fur bearing game such as lynx. But I rarely get to tack them out during those seasons.

    My female has found and held at bay moose on more than one occasion, but it was not in season, or was not legal size, so I could not harvest them.

    I am very impressed with the breed as a hunting dog.
  • Keep us informed I like what you are writing.
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